PipemanRadio Interviews Dr. Daniel Ivankovich aka Chicago Slim

The Adventures of Pipeman
On this episode of the Adventures of Pipeman, Pipeman speaks to Chicago Slim, also known as Dr. Daniel Ivankovich, all about music, health and wellness.

Chicago starts by talking about the connection there is between the blues and metal, as Pipeman is a lover of both. He explains how Led Zeppelin pioneered the metal genre with a heavy electrified blues which people called heavy metal. They also talk about Deep Purple in a similar vain.

Band members live a much different life to what they lived back in the day, with many of them pursuing healthy living and being more health conscious. Pipeman asks Chicago about how he came up with putting the two worlds of music and health together.

Chicago also talks about the Chicago Blues Society, an incredible organisation which Chicago is involved in. He talks about how because people assume because artists are in the spotlight and on stage, they’re wealthy, when it’s not always the case. Chicago goes on to explain his work and how he combats this. He also goes into detail on his Musician Heal By Self Programme, which empowers and educates musicians on accessing healthcare.

You can check out all of Chicago’s personal music, which is badass on the website chicagoslim.com. You can also check out the medical side of Daniel via his personal website danielivankovich.com, as well as the Chicago Blues Society at chicagobluessociety.org, which will lead you to the Facebook page, which is the largest blues society in the world.

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